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26 May 2023
23 Jan 2023

Rental Market in the UK: High Demand Pushes Rents

23 Jan 2023 16:48

Rental demand in the United Kingdom has seen a significant increase, with enquiries up 23% compared to the same time last year. Read more...

23 Mar 2022

Rising bills and how tenants can manage

23 Mar 2022 14:30

Tenants may be concerned about increasing energy prices and the possibility of their existing provider going bankrupt. Read more...

23 Mar 2022

Cost of living increase and effects on landlords

23 Mar 2022 14:26

Inflation causes prices to rise across the board, making it more difficult for certain people to meet their needs. High inflation rates have an impact on everyone, including investors and landlords. Read more...

23 Mar 2022

Rising Interest Rates And Effects On Mortgage Hold

23 Mar 2022 14:25

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