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An Accurate Valuation

Book a free no obligation valuation for your property by using our tool above, or get an instant online valuation. Once you appointment is confirmed one of our local expertise staff member will attend the property for valuation.


Our expert team will help and advise you on the presentation of the property. This will give you time to take care of any jobs that need doing, such as de-cluttering, DIY and repairs, gardening and giving selected rooms a fresh coat of paint. Although such tasks might seem insignificant, the overall finish and appearance of a property can affect its achievable selling price


Property marketed for sale in England and Wales is required to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), which details the energy efficiency of the property.


We offer comprehensive marketing giving your property the maximum exposure. With our Office located on primary trading high street and search engines such as Zoopla, On the market, Gumtree and spare room we ensure that your property has a premium display. Our clients benefit of getting their property advertised on our magazine which is circulated through clients of over 800 network agents we work with.


We lead and conduct all the viewings with the potential buyers to give them a brief about your property and local area. Our vendors are more than welcome to accompany the viewings.


Once an offer is received a confirmation is sent out both verbally and in written. We verify the buyer’s financial position and seek evidence thereof; confirm the details of the entire chain, if one exists. We make recommendations on the next course of action and an unbiased comparison if more than one offer is received whilst working hard for you negotiating the best offer.


Once the negotiations have reached a positive conclusion and you are happy to accept an offer, you will need to instruct a conveyance, (if you haven’t already done so.)

Your conveyance will send the buyer’s conveyance a draft contract, setting out the particulars of the sale, such as the agreed selling price. At this stage, it is helpful for you to provide your conveyance with any necessary documents to support the contract, such as what fixtures and fittings (if any) you are including in the sale and any guarantees or certificates for works you have had done to the property. The buyer’s conveyance will raise enquiries about the contract and documents, which you and your conveyance will need to provide truthful answers to.

We will liaise with you, the solicitors and your buyer throughout the process, keeping you up to date on:

  • The buyer's mortgage application and offer.
  • The survey date and its outcome.
  • Status of the legal process.
  • The rest of the chain where applicable.

Exchange of contract

Once the buyer’s mortgage offer is received, the buyer’s conveyance is satisfied with the responses to the enquiries raised and a date for completion is agreed by all parties, we can look to exchange contracts.

Both buyer and seller must sign the contract and the buyer must pay a non-refundable deposit via their conveyance to your conveyance. The deposit is usually 10% of the purchase price.

Once contracts are exchanged, the transaction becomes legally binding.


Completion, put simply, is ‘Moving Day’. The outstanding monies (from the lender, if applicable or from the buyer directly) will be transferred to your conveyance, who will deduct any fees, redeem your outstanding mortgage (if applicable) and transfer the balance to you. You will be required to vacate the property and to hand over all the keys to Let Sell Property. We shall then telephone the new owner to collect them. Congratulations - you have sold your property!

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