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Throw your anxiety out the window and sit back enjoying your property generating regular income without any complications.

Property Investors are living in an uncertain and unpredictable time. As a landlord, being able to rely on a monthly income is imperative. It allows you to meet your own financial obligations, such as ensuring any mortgage repayments are made. Even quality tenants with the best intentions can suffer from a change in circumstances that leaves them unable to pay their rent on time each month. After all, job losses, relationship break-ups and illness can affect anybody.

What we can offer you in these uncertain times is perhaps more valuable Security.

Peace of Mind

For landlords under our guaranteed rent scheme, this statement holds true in all situations. No need to chase defaulting tenants. irrespective of the economic and occupancy status the landlord gets the agreed guaranteed rent on time. The landlords save thousands of pounds from defaulting tenants and the legal costs associated with them.

Reduced Responsibilities

Our rent guarantee schemes helps to significantly cut the roles a landlord has to play in the management of their property, relieving them of many responsibilities, giving them time to pursue other things without having to worry about their property.

Same Day Payments

We will pay you the same day that your property gets accepted on the scheme.

Top Rents Paid

We continually pay the top rents as itís in our interest to look after our landlords.

0% Commission

We do not charge you any commissions on your property our rent guarantee scheme is absolutely free

No Management Fees

We do not charge you managements fees over your agreed rent.

Free Maintenance

We look after your property and your investment.

Guaranteed Rent for 365 Days of the year

You will receive rent for your property without any rent breaks regardless the property is vacant or occupied. We will pay your rent on the same day every month via BACS system direct into your bank account.

No Council Tax or Bills

You do not need to worry about extra overheads.

Regular Inspection

We carry our quarterly inspection to make ensure that the property still remains at a high standard

Property not in good condition?

We will still guarantee your rent and arrange the necessary refurbishment at no cost paid by the landlord.

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